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DUI‘s can result in jail, prison, work programs, license suspension or revocation, probation and other consequences. In addition, Tulare County will require an ignition interlock device as part of a state program with certain counties. While ignition interlock devices are used in all counties, Tulare County will require an ignition lock device even for first time DUI’s.

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DUI laws under VC 23152 allow the state to charge you with driving under the influence even in specific cases where the Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) is under .08% or where there are prescription drugs involved. Often, an experienced DUI lawyer will find issues with field sobriety tests as well as chemical tests (such as blood and breath). DUI investigations have many angles and they require careful analysis to determine what defenses are available. Our DUI Lawyers can represent you at DMV hearings to fight for your license as well as in the Tulare County Courthouse. And we understand the extra concerns military personnel have with DUI charges and will work hard on your side to reach a just result.

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We can evaluate your case and negotiate the court process with you every step of the way. A Visalia DUI Attorney will be able to have your charges amended or even dismissed where the details of your case allow. There are also sentencing alternatives such as electronic monitoring, drug and alcohol programs and to avoid jail time. To take advantage of these possible alternatives, contact Visalia DUI attorney now to protect your rights. Allow us to negotiate with the prosecutor and the DMV for you.

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You will need a tough Visalia Attorney to fight for you and aggressively defend your case. If you have a DUI charge in the Tulare County please contact us for a free consultation or case evaluation. We can provide you with the expertise and guidance to fight your case – 559-677-7384

Visalia Courthouse

Visalia Courthouse 221 South Mooney Boulevard Visalia, CA. 93291 (559) 733-6841 Business Hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday Through Friday, except for National Holidays
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