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Under Age 21 DUI's

Under Age DUI

If you have been arrested or stopped for driving under the influence and you were under 21 years of age at the time of the stop you will be subject to severe DMV consequences. The DMV has a zero tolerance policy for DUI offenses by drivers who are not of legal age to drink. Even if you are below a .08% blood alcohol content (BAC) you can be subject to DMV consequences and charged criminally.

Under age 21 DUI Statutes

Pursuant to Vehicle Code section 23140 (.05% BAC or greater) it is unlawful for a person under the age of 21 years who has 0.05 percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a vehicle. Even if you are below .05% VC section 23126 (.01% or greater) provides that is unlawful for a person under the age of 21 years who has a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.01 percent or greater, as measured by a preliminary alcohol screening test or other chemical test, to drive a vehicle.

Under age 21 DUI Investigations

California also does not require as much evidence to prosecute an under aged driver for DUI. There are often two types of chemical tests administered in a DUI investigation: a preliminary test and an evidential test. As the name “Preliminary Alcohol Screening” implies, the PAS is one of a series of tests administered pre-arrest for the purpose of assisting the officer in determining if that person is under the influence of alcohol. If the driver is under the age of 21 the officers are not required to go beyond the PAS test. This means that even if law enforcement did complete a full DUI investigation you may be charged with DUI if you are under 21.

Underage DUI's can have unseen consequences

DMV will move quickly, often much faster than the courts, to suspend your privilege to drive. If you are under 21 and have been arrested for DUI contact Fresno DUI attorney immediately. Regardless of how a DUI is charged the negative impact on ones driving record, employment, and other collateral consequences is the same. A DUI can be very damaging to a young person's future and it is important that you get the best dui representation possible. Don’t hesitate to contact Fresno Defense Attorney Robert Troncoso today.

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