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If you have been arrested or stopped for driving under the influence in Madera County? Then you should contact a Madera DUI Attorney to review your case. If you are being investigated for a DUI in Madera you will need a skilled Madera DUI Attorney to fight your case.

Madera DUI Investigations

A DUI can be charged if law enforcement believes that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While blood tests and breath tests are often used you can still be prosecuted without chemical tests. Law enforcement can use field sobriety tests and other observations to substantiate a charge. Often there are defenses to blood tests, breath tests, field sobriety tests and other evidence gathered in your case. An experienced Madera DUI attorney can apply these defenses and seek a reduction in your charges or even have your case dismissed.

Madera DUI Defense Firm

The Law Offices of Robert Troncoso are knowledgeable about the Madera courts. If you have a DUI charge in Madera County feel free contact us. Our attorneys can provide you with the expertise and guidance to fight your case. And we offer a free consultation for your case. – 559-677-7384

Madera County Courthouse

209 West Yosemite Avenue Madera, CA. 93637 (559) 675-7734 Business Hours 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday Through Friday, except on holidays.

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Madera DUI Attorney
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