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DUI has very serious consequences. If you are caught driving under the influence in Hanford, the charges will be aggressively pursued by the district attorney and you will need a DUI Attorney that will fight just as hard on your side. Hanford area police carefully investigate every DUI arrest. We can provide the knowledge and experience to interpret these investigations and give you the best result for your case.

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Vehicle Code 23152 allows the state to charge you with driving under the influence even in cases where your BAC is below .08% or where there are prescription drugs involved. Often, an experienced DUI attorney can find issues with chemical tests (such as blood and breath), and field sobriety tests. DUI investigations have many sides and it require careful analysis to determine what defenses are available. We can represent you both at DMV hearings to fight for your license and in the courts. We also understand the extra concerns military personnel have with DUI charges and will work hard on your side to reach a just result.

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If you have a DUI charge in the Hanford area please contact us. We can provide you with the expertise and guidance to fight your case. We can offer a free consultation for your case. 559-677-7384

Hanford Courthouse 1426 South Drive Hanford, CA. 93230 phone 559-582-1010 _Courthouse.asp Business Hours 8:00AM to 5:00PM Clerk's Office Public Windows close on Monday - Thursday at 4:00PM and on Fridays at 11:30AM. (excluding Court holidays and Court Fulough Days)

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